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About Bahar Music

Bahar music started working in 2013 to manufacture and market the high standard
Audio compact discs of mainly tagore songs rendered by the legenday rabindra sangeet singer debabrata biswas.
Over twenty audio cds and one dvd with documentary film are copyrighted by debabrata biswas smaran committee formed in the centenary year, 2010-2011 of debarata biswas.

The year when the only website on the singer, was hosted much to the demand of the devotees of the popular singer In fact bahar music is the publishing, marketing wing of debabrata biswas smaran committee.

Ami bratya ami montrohin, smarak grantha on debabrata biswas is available in

The audio cds are also in the process of being linked up with all popular marketing sites as well.

Bahar music site gives the viewer, connoisseurs of rabindra sangeet, admirers of georgeda all desired and detailed information on the published cds, book, dvd and various videos uploaded in youtube, discography of the singer etc…
Bahar music is also trying to upload information, old videos of other rabindra sangeet singers like dr. Sailen das, sushil mullik, roma mondal, adity sengupta, prasad sen, sajal bandyopadhyay, sagar sen etc…

In a nutshell we at bahar music is working with rigid devotion to take rabindra sangeet and debabrata biswas to every nook and corner of the globe to meet the ever increasing demand of the songs and the most popular singer.

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Debabrata Biswas
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