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Book – Ashite Murshid

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Bengali Book with articles written by Dr Ghulam Murshid, Debes Roy, Pankaj Saha, Biswajit Roy, Harsha Datta, Edited by Bidhan Chandra Pal of Dhaka,, Bangladesh.

Dr. Ghulam Murshid, one of the best researchers of this period in the history of Bengali language, literature and culture, a progressive thinker, a pioneer of new genres in Bengali biographical literature and a favorite of Debabrata Biswas. This special book was published by the Debabrata Biswas Smaran Committee under the title `Ashitey Murshid’ on the occasion of his eighth birthday. The book is edited by Bidhan Chandra Pal of Bangladesh. Memories of many important people including Debesh Roy, Dr. Pabitra Sarkar, Pankaj Saha, Tushar Talukdar. There are write up from eminent writers of both Bengal. There is also a selected interview of Dr. Murshid in the book. Besides this, some notable essays written by Ghulam Murshid have also been included in the book. Also, the biography and bibliography of Ghulam Murshid has been presented in detail along with the pictures in that important book.

Year of Release: 2019