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BAHAR MUSIC till date published around 20 audio compact discs and one dvd video. Our main focus is on releasing UNPUBLISHED SONGS rendered by Georgeda.


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Catalogue no: BM CD 028

No of Tracks: 17

Type: Audio CD

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`Debabrata Biswas Smaraney’

‘in memoriam of Debarata Biswas’
In this album, the poems were selected by different poets of both Bengal. This album have been published by ‘Bahar Music’ of Kolkata.

`Debabrata Biswas smaraney’ (In Memoriam of Debabrata Biswas). It is evident from the name that this album is dedicated to the immortal artist Debabrata Biswas. There are many books on artist Debabrata Biswas, many poems were written in both the Bengals by eminent poets. Many poets from both the Bengals wrote poems about Him. The album is on poems selected from those. There are 17 poems in this album. There are recitations of the poems by Shankha Ghosh, Pankaj Saha, Subodh Sarkar, Sajal Banerjee, Bithi Chatterjee, Chitra Lahiri, Namita Chowdhury, Bimal Dev, Kabita Sinha, Krishna Basu and many more. It should be noted that this is the very first venture in the arena of recitation art. The album on Debabrata Biswas is a bit different. Debabrata Biswas Memorial Committee assisted in publishing this album. The Memorial committee will hold the rights for printing and copyright.

Year of Release: September, 2016

Music Composer: N/A

Singer: N/A